Dominic Alldis


Dominic Alldis is a jazz musician, orchestral conductor and business speaker. He performs regularly in concert halls and jazz clubs around the world, and has made many acclaimed recordings. He has also written books about jazz and teaches improvisation to classical pianists and opera singers at the Royal Academy of Music.

For over 15 years he has been working with the world’s leading companies and business schools to create powerful learning experiences that use the metaphor of music to explore business concerns: leadership, collaboration, creativity, listening, decision-making, talent-management and the pursuit of excellence.

During his seminars, Dominic describes how the conductor of an orchestra provides inspirational leadership and how jazz musicians innovate though improvisation. He also shows how musical concepts such as harmony, artistry and performance have a resonance in the world of business. His thought-provoking and transformative presentations often include demonstration at the piano, with the option of a live orchestra or jazz band for large-scale events.

Dominic Alldis takes a classic and jazz approach, using the muscial metaphor to generate learning experiences for the business world, to help develop leadership, innovation and teamwork.

A conductor of a symphony orchestra, a jazz musician playing in a band, a composer creating a new piece of music - they all provide extraordinary insights into leadership, collaboration, creativity and personal development, and invite the corporate world to explore new ways of thinking about business practice.

Dominic has given his Music and Management keynote presentations to major corporates, and most recently to the United Nations in Montreux, Nestlé also in Montreux, Petronas in Kuala Lumpur and PWC.


"You bring to life what leadership embodies, inspiring our leaders to stretch to their fullest potential. Your insights about collaboration and trust resonate powerfully with our leaders in the context of their teams and the business. Simply magical.”  Lynne Mueller Director of Worldwide Training, WPP

"The interplay, the connection, the artistry of the musicians is an inspiring and unforgettable experience.  Quite literally Dominic, you are helping us transform leadership here at eBay.”  Beth Axelrod, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, eBay Inc.

“Profound insights into innovation through live performance and discussion.  Furthermore, the jazz vision is dead right for today’s business organizations… compelling, engaging and applicable to any creative business.”  Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School    


He uses music and takes a classic and jazz approach to generate learning experiences for the business world, to help develop leadership, innovation and teamwork.

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