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Nisha Pillai is an accomplished former news presenter at BBC World News who now focuses on moderating debates and giving speeches before live audiences. Recent projects include:

The role of chief moderator at 'Planet under Pressure', a huge science conference focussed on the Rio +20 process. 
Several assignments with UN agencies, including the 'HIV and the Law' global commission, UNDP and UNESCAP
Moderating at 'Chocovision', an effort to create a productive dialogue between cocoa producers, confectionary companies and NGOs in Davos, Switzerland. 

Nisha's 25 year career at the BBC culminated as one of the main news anchors at BBC World News, where she reported extensively during the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq war. She was also one of the first regular interviewers on Hard Talk. 

As an award-winning investigative journalist at 'Panorama', the BBC's flagship current affairs programme, Nisha had notable investigations to her name: into media tycoon Robert Maxwell just before he died; into sexual abuse of learning disabled children in UK care homes; into the growing underclass of British Muslims, a good decade before the topic hit the headlines. Nisha was awarded the Royal Television Society's award for best television programme for her investigation into Robert Maxwell. 

Nisha cut her teeth in journalism in financial journalism on the BBC's Money Programme and at the Investors Chronicle, part of the Financial Times group. She read economics at the London School of Economics. 

"A number of people spoke to me about your high standard of professionalism as the meeting's moderator...It was a great Thematic Segment, and we are pleased and happy about it.  We very much appreciate how easy and pleasant it was to work with you to prepare the session and during it, and with your professional commitment throughout to do a really good job."  Chief, Human Rights and Law Division,  UNAIDS Secretariat, Geneva - December 2012 
"We received extremely positive feedback on both sessions moderated by you. In fact, some delegates indicated in the evaluation form that we should have allocated more time to the interactive session with the panellists. We are all very happy with the outcome of the meeting so thank you once again for your contribution and excellent performance!"   Nisha moderated for the UN in Bangkok - February 2012
"It was our pleasure to see you last week in Mumbai. Thank you very much for taking part in the India Shipping Summit 2011, which has been a great success, your time and effort is much appreciated. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the participants, the piracy debate was the a major highlight of the conference."  Nisha hosted and facilitated for Seatrade - October 2011
"I would like to thank you very much for moderating the panel session..... It was a very interesting panel and that the audience enjoyed it. Both the panellists and you did a great job, so thanks again for your time spent on preparing it and for moderating it onsite."  EWEA - European Wind Energy Association  conference in Brussels - March 2011
"Nisha was great and we would love to work with her in the future again."  UNDP on Nisha Pillai - October 2008 

"All went well and we were happy to have Nisha moderating two important feedback sessions. She did a great job." Nisha chaired the Global Humanitarian Forum in Switzerland - June 2008

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