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Stuart Goldsmith


Stuart Goldsmith is a professional comedian; his recent “Like I Mean It” comedy special was placed 14th out of over 1000 shows at the Edinburgh Festival.

He’s also a comedy expert; his “Comedians Comedian” podcast, which uncovers the creative process and personal development of over 250 of the best comedians in the world, has had over 10 million downloads.

Now he has distilled those insights into an absorbing and inspiring talk for any organisation, making concrete the links between comedy and business, and focusing on how to cultivate resilience. He teaches your team practical ways to bounce back from challenges, faster and hopefully with more enthusiasm!

Stuart says:

"In my presentation I’ll be showing your team that resilience isn’t something that you’re blessed with at birth. Its an active state not a passive quality, and it can be learned. I won’t be teaching anyone how to do stand-up comedy, and the presentation’s primary focus is practical advice and insights to take away, rather than big laughs.

I’ll be exploring strategies to learn, develop and perfect resilience, harvested from conversations with comedians who are simultaneously the most powerful and the most vulnerable person in the room."

A former street-performer and an incredibly safe pair of hands, Stuart is an articulate and authentic speaker. He has a natural charisma and warmth that helps him communicate his passion in a resonant and lasting way.

Stuart ran a funny and impactful session on resilience, with plenty of interesting content and new perspectives from the comedy world. Everyone in the team left with some fresh ideas and the humour gave us a real morale boost. Time well invested!

Helen Newman, a Senior Manager at PwC

"In every walk of life, people struggle with poor mental health and imposter syndrome. One way of tackling this is developing resilience in the workplace (and our personal lives). Stu has an entertaining and engaging approach that people can relate to, with practical steps to take to become more resilient people. Amazing session, thanks Stu!"

Phil Szomszor, Director, Harvard


Stuart has been a comedian for 12 years. He hosts the Comedian’s Comedian podcast, where he has interviewed the good and the great of the comedy world, and has distilled their insights into an inspiring talk, looking at what business can learn from comedy, whether it’s dealing with rejection, developing resilience or even tackling mental health and general well being

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