Dave Birss



Dave is an energetic and entertaining character, and his sessions certainly reflect that. Offering practical advice in the form of stories, case studies and even musical jams deliver inspiring take-aways.

Drawing on years of academic research, hand on experience as well as thinking outlined in his published books, Dave’s content can be tailored to every organisation who are looking for fresh ideas to stay relevant in their respective industries.

Covering a wealth of imperative business themes in which every organisations requires in order to both remain successful and manage growth, here's a quick look at some of the topics he customises to each session:

• innovating the old
• binning the brainstorm
• non-obvious idea generation
• creative doing vs. creative thinking
• how to make people less un-creative
• creating your brand's iconic advantage

Dave works with companies to develop an ideas culture with the core of his thinking being the need for diverse teams both traditional-gender-race-sexuality -etc as well as neuro, drawing on people's different experiences and approaches.

His unique methodologies also take him into the realm of workshops, focusing on harnessing creative innovation to promote extraordinary ideas. Companies from around the globe have benefitted from his sessions and exercises to not only restructure their environment, but their processes and recruitment too.

Dave took part in our Virtual Diversity Panel on 6th August - check it out below! 

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Video/Audio Showreels

Dave Birss on the Diversity Panel webinar