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Sarah Jarvis has over 35 years’ experience in the NHS, and over 30 years as a GP. She believes passionately in helping people to take control of their own health, and equally strongly in ensuring that everyone has reliable health information to allow them to make informed decisions.

She works with several medical charities, including the alcohol charity Drinkaware and several cancer charities. She has chaired the Health Care Committee of HEART UK, the cholesterol charity.

Sarah is Clinical Director of the patient information website and has authored seven books for patients. She has been the resident doctor for the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 and Good Housekeeping magazine for the last 19 years, and appears regularly on ITV Lunchtime News, Vine on Channel 5, Good Morning Britain, BBC World News, BBC Radio 4, Radio 5 live, Channel 5 news and LBC.


Since the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Sarah has been in much demand, providing a reassuring voice and reliable medical advice for the nation and beyond. She appears regularly on both Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 Show and his Channel 5 TV programme, and is the resident doctor on ITV's lunchtime news.

She is a member of the advisory board for the British Journal of Cardiology and is on the patient group of Heart UK, as well as being a resident doctor on Good Housekeeping and on BBC Radio 2, appearing on Jeremy Vine's programme on Monday afternoons. She also appears regularly on Radio 5 live, Radio 4, Good Morning Britain and ITN lunchtime news.

Her books include 'A Younger Woman's Diagnose-It-Yourself Guide to Health', 'Diabetes for Dummies' and 'Pregnancy for Dummies'. Her other writing projects include 'Child Health for Dummies' and a book on the ethics of dying, co-authored with John Humphrys.

She has two children and her hobbies include historical re-enactments (with Regency murder mysteries a particular favourite!).

Sarah spoke at our Speaker Taster Session on 23rd March 2021. See the recording here: 

"Sarah was a great speaker"   TPP for the SNUG Dinner 

"Thank you very much again for your excellent moderation of the event. You articulately and elegantly presented the issues at stake and skilfully steered the debates. All in all, your moderation was critical to the success of the event."  Roadmap for Sustainable Healthcare Conference in Brussels for AbbVie, Philips and the European Steering Group 

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Dr Sarah at the Speaker Taster Sessions in March