Keme Nzerem



For the past two decades, Keme Nzerem has reported from around the world in places such as Washington - Moscow - Johannesburg - Rio and London to name a few.

Corresponding on a range of issues varying from human rights, politics, corruption to sport, focusing on how worldwide events impact the lives of citizens.

Keme has covered some of the world's major stories such as the Grenfell fire, World Cups and Olympic Games, paedophiles in football, Hurricane Katrina and the election of Barak Obama.

In 2007 Keme won the RTS Journalism Awards for his narration of a film about the US troop surge in Iraq.

Keme runs channel 4s Washington bureau as home affairs producer, he has also anchored the sister show More 4 News, been a news and sports correspondent and presented the weekend sports bulletin.

When Keme isn’t traveling around the globe filming news stories, you'll find him either back country skiing or cycling in places like the Himalayas or the Cairngorms. Attune to his nature, Keme enjoys sharing Instagram images of the many mountain tops and cliff faces he encounters. Extending from his personal love of sport, he is a sought after judge on the international adventure sport film circuit, where he also chairs keynote events and moderates panel discussions.

An experienced and confident conference chair, Keme can deliver thought provoking sessions providing informative content to an audience.

Keme chaired our industry panel Where are we Now? On Tuesday 15 December 2020

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