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Nigel Risner has spent 20 years travelling all over the world motivating and inspiring participants to take massive action in both their business and personal lives.

Awarded Speaker of the Year from The Academy for Chief Executives, Vistage and Footdown he inspires people and their teams to think differently and his presentations are always lively, inter-active and entertaining. His keynote addresses often focus on the theme of 'Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional' and Communicating in an ever-changing world.

His presentations are perfectly tailored for businesses looking for new information about their everyday situations, interactions, opportunities, problems and challenges. The information he shares is delivered with a lot of snap – so people can grasp it, remember it and use it at once.

He has a knack for entertaining up a storm while carefully laying down a simple, powerful, business-building message… a message that people remember for a long, long time. Those who attend Nigel’s events will walk away reinvigorated and ready to grow their business.

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional. So, do you want your business to Grow?
Nigel has produced many successful self-help books, CD collections and instructional guides.  His books include 'You had me at Hello' - the new rules for better networking - and 'It's a Zoo Around Here' - the new rules for better communication.
Nigel delivered a Speaker Taster Session for us on Thursday 21 May 2020- Click here for more details
“Very Informative and entertaining...“Excellent and inspirational...“Fantastic speaker 10 out of 10 October 2014
“I’ve been organising large scale conferences and events for more years than I care to remember. I can honestly say Nigel Risner is unequivocally the very best speaker I have ever engaged. When I say best I mean BEST; in every respect. He has a powerful personality that commands attention. He has a style of delivery that captures and holds people’s imagination… and spellbound! He has an enormous capacity for wit and the Wisdom of Solomon." 
"Nigel Risner doesn’t just deliver an engaging presentation. He does his homework to understand and identify the challenges his audiences face; offering creative and novel solutions to resolve them. I have never engaged the same speaker twice. I’ve engaged Nigel three times! Thank you Nigel and long may you continue to wow audiences around the world!”  Chief Executive - Sight Care Group
"There are only a handful of speakers I’d ever pay to go and see and Nigel Risner is one of them. He is the world’s best at communication and boy oh boy he will challenge everyone to have a greater impact in their lives and in their businesses too.  To all business owners and entrepreneurs, I urge you to attend. You will remember the day for years to come, plus you may just find out if you are a Dolphin, Elephant, Lion or a Monkey...” - Geoff Ramm
"Nigel went down very well he was excellent."   Nigel was keynote speaker at ChipsAway International's conference - March 2011

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Video/Audio Showreels

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