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How to create engaging online content, webinars and podcasts

Clockwise from top left: Christian Howse, Tanya Beckett, Stuart Goldsmith and Ritula Shah

How do you ensure delegate attendance for a web conference? How do you create real time online engagement and how can this be measured?

Digital and data strategist, Christian Howes, has worked with leading brands to sift through social media and target the questions users are actually interested in. Christian shows how data can be used to augment any business, but most importantly turning it into easily understood and engaging content. As for the challenges currently faced by businesses, he observes “Sometimes the most narrow of constraints lead to very creative ways of doing things.”

Facilitators are a mainstay of conferences, keeping proceedings flowing, moderating panel discussions and speakers, and being the glue for the whole day. Just because your event is virtual, it doesn't mean a facilitator is fact anyone whose been on a large, unwieldy conference call will testify, a strong chair is needed more than ever!

Tanya Beckett and Ritula Shah are both highly experienced facilitators with lots of experience working on virtual events. Despite participants being remote, they can pull together the various threads of the sessions while also interacting with the audience, be it through Twitter, or other feedback facility.

The huge growth and interest in Podcasts in recent years, makes them an increasingly familiar medium for people to interact with you. Stuart Goldsmith hosts the Comedian's Comedian Podcast which has had over 10 million downloads. He can talk about how his podcasts have developed, and provide tips on to making them engaging. He also talks about resilience, drawing on the over 250 interviews he has now conducted for the Podcast..."[Resilience] is an active state not a passive quality, and it can be learned."