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Chris Roebuck


Chris Roebuck is Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London.  He has held senior roles at UBS, HSBC,KPMG, London Underground, has served in the British Army, and is one of the top 15 Human Resources thinkers in Europe. As Global Head of Leadership at UBS, he helped deliver leadership and development strategies, resulting in one of the most successful corporate transformations. The UBS Strategy Project is now a Harvard Business School Case Study on transforming organisational performance.
A sought after advisor and leading authority on entrepreneurial, engaging, ethical and effective leadership, Chris gives audiences a simple route to effective, inspiring and respected leadership. This is achieved via his new approach to leadership Mach 2 described by a leading Professor of Psychology as a breakthrough┬Ł in thinking.  
Chris Roebuck believes that a few simple actions by leaders can transform working lives for staff, enhance their family life, help their organisations succeed, and deliver economic growth. This transformation is simple, low cost, and brings quantifiable benefits quickly, with just two key steps. It is founded on Chris's own experience and leadership success stories from around the world. 
His book, Lead to Succeed, published in 2014, examines this in depth. He uses leaders' own experiences, combined with his approach, to show how world-class┬Ł performance is possible, and how this can improve performance as well as customer service, managing risk, innovation, managing change, cost efficiency, and the handling of other critical challenges. 
His message has inspired audiences from general senior and other leaders, to specific groups, including CEOs, CFOs, Chief Risk and Legal Officers, Finance and IT leaders, and project managers. 
Chris is a frequent commentator in the media on leadership, and is regularly interviewed by, amongst other, the BBC, ITV, CNN, Sky News, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera. 
His speaking engagements have taken him across the USA and Europe, to Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Hong Kong. He has also spoken to the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Chinese Space Programme), the Chinese Aviation Industry Corporation in Beijing and NASSCOM in India.

“Its been fun, inspiring and I would recommend Chris to any organisation in this world of constant change and evolution. The people in the room have got more out of this than I ever thought they would. A massive thank you to Chris.”

HRD Global Furniture Fittings – “Working in partnership for success"

“Chris brings simplicity to complex challenges to that give clarity and confidence to senior leaders ultimately enabling them to create a forward thinking organisation. His vast experience is important as this audience has done their MBAs, been to numerous conferences and seen all the models so Chris innovative and engaging approach is perfect.”

Course Director – Strategic Leaders Programme – Irish Management Institute

“Really enjoyed Chris keynote, very good ideas, particularly liked the fact that he backed up what he said with proven data, great presentation, thank you Chris.”

Director, Dublin Institute of Technology

An acknowledged international authority on leadership. Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School and former Global Head of Leadership at UBS. He is regularly interviewed by BBC, ITV, CNN, Sky News, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera.

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