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Back to the Future

Futurists: Ade McCormack, Richard Watson and Shivvy Jervis

With so much uncertainty around, is it any wonder there is such demand for futurists?! Here are a few of our current favourites:

Ade McCormack is an astrophysicist turned digital strategist and near-futurist, presenting to business leaders around the globe on how to prepare for the digital tsunami that is coming. Ade is focused on helping organisations and their people to thrive in the digital age. His digital strategy perspectives embrace macroeconomics, technology, anthropology, biology and human performance. Ade is often asked to be the opening keynote as his mind-moving and engaging vision can set the tone for the whole event.

Shivvy Jervis is an innovation futurist, advisor, speaker and award-winning broadcaster focusing on the digital economy and championing the meaningful use of emerging and future technologies for enterprise and governments worldwide.

Richard Watson is a long term friend of the company and established author and ‘scenario thinker’. He helps us all to prepare for the future as the editor of, a website that documents global trends, while his latest tome, Digital versus Human looks at the affect of digital technology on us all.